Akane Izumi


Akane has had a tough life and as of recently has lost everything she held dear. Now she wanders the land searching for parents that left her behind. She was just eighteen years of age when the campaign started but has died once and been reborn as a half-dragon half human creature and now stands a towering 6’7" with long white hair with red highlights, red intense eyes and a maw too big to ever look anything but sinister. She also has pale skin where it once was tanned and now sports patches of red scales. She also has boney ridges that run along her scalp that form a crown-like shape.


“She is cursed! A blight!” distant accusations like a memory best forgotten… “throw her away, get rid of her, she can be replaced!” Dreams… or nightmares that occur too regularly but are hard to place, it’s always night, sounds of screaming, A desperate flight, crying then a bloody dragon, Jaws of a demon. I always wake up in a cold sweat after that, never a good nights rest. I have been a part of the fireclaw tribe of dragonborn As far back as I can remember and nothing in these strange dreams have ever occurred. Yet… they feel so real as if something past remembering, something from another life but I cannot place its significance. To me, life began with the fireclaw, raised by the Alpha Ugoz as if I were of his own clutch, it was hard but content existence. Ugoz told me he found me in the desert surrounded by two corpses presumably my parents. Death was not something I understood at the time but learned of in due time in this harsh life but by then my parents had become more of a footnote as I embraced my Dragonborn family. I learned to wield a weapon at a considerably young age taught by the tribes best warriors and learned by the wisest elders. By the time I had seen my tenth summer I was already hunting for the tribe in the wild learning to live off the land days at a time. When I had returned from a particularly bountiful haul Ugoz rewarded me with a gift, a greatsword of peculiar design, he had said it was a tribe heirloom. I was Dubious of such an origin considering its look and make but I suppressed my all too human curiosity at the time, it was a grand honour after all. Life continued normally for some time but it all changed halfway through my sixteenth summer, there were mass droughts throughout the region and the game became scarce. My hunting party returned from a less than successful venture to the sounds of battle. We charged in to find the tribe under attack from what looked like a large Hu warband. The tribe fought ferociously with Ugoz at the front, I have never seen my… father so fierce but in the end there were just too many even with my bands intervention. I had just cleaved a scout from head to groin when time seemed to slow down, I turned in time to see Ugoz fall to his knees at the hands of ten humans of which half had already been slain. Ugoz looked at me, weapon still clutched and mouthed for me to escape… I may have screamed, all sound drowned out and all I could see was red and a sharp pain in the back of my neck. when i came to, i was surrounded by corpses, human and dragonborn, my muscles were aflame. Fatigue quickly forgotten I rushed to Ugoz’s side and cradled his head in my lap, I owed him everything he was always the strongest but now he seemed so… small. through fits of bloody coughing he told of my real origin, that my ‘parents’ had left me in his care, they were sublime warriors that had saved the tribe but they were being pursued by Hu forces for the crime of stealing from the royal family and a harbouring a marked individual to which he pointed at the back of my neck. Funny how in despair even when things are put side by side it’s hard to put two and two together. They had left me with the Fireclaw so that they could lead their pursuers away and not endanger my well-being. The warband that attacked today apparently were sent to cleanse the desert of undue strains on Hu empire resources… the scum saw us as nothing more than pests to be rid of. With his final breath he told me “Seek them, child, the Helvault is where the truth lies…” then spoke no more. I stared in disbelief for what seemed like hours till a numbly got up and started with the arduous task of burying my past. I left the bodies of the Hu troops to the carrion feeders, let their corpses feed the cursed land they so loved, I then headed west… to seek my answers.

I wandered, numbly for months, going through the motions of life while in mourning, feeling pity for my fortune… I never felt so disgusted with myself. I took on mercenary work here and there to keep from starving and ale flowing, always as an aggressor, never as a bodyguard, if I couldn’t defend my own family why should I guard others for mere coin. One night while drowning my sorrows alone like every other night I overheard a group of adventurers talking about a Helvault and plumbing its depths for riches. It almost seemed like a lifetime ago and in a way it could have been, but Urgoz’s last words came back to me in a flood filling me with a resolve that seemed strange but energizing. Fueled by this new found resolve and too much alcohol, I drunkenly stormed up to this group who were by then arguing about the logistics and costs involved with the proposed venture and started loudly demanding information. Startled the adventurers slowly backed away from my drunken indignation and stammered out the location of the Helvault at which point I slung my over-sized sword over my shoulder and stormed towards the door. One of the adventurers called out saying that going alone was suicide and foolhardy which stopped me in my tracks. I spun around and with all the subtlety of a runaway bull offered my rebuttal in the form of a headbutt to the face. Still the unconscious man did have a point, I may be an uncivilised brute but I wasn’t stupid, this would require some planning and capital of both I was short on. I stood over the cowering group and demanded their gold in recompense for the insult and let my sword swing loosely for emphasis. sixteen silver and fifty-eight copper… pathetic, I drank the rest of their cheap ale and left, the smell of soiled pants was overpowering. The next day, I caught a caravan heading towards the Kingdom of Highwind where I’d hoped to find a lead on the Helvaults, along the way I encountered more Dragonborn, to my surprise they were subservient and thrall to some filthy human priest or noble. I tried to rouse them out of this stupor but they just tried to meekly calm me down for fear of their masters. Disgusted I marched up to the lead priest and demanded they be freed, the priest gave me a horrified look and accused me of going against the will of Kyros. This was the first time I heard of this so called mercy which seemed worse than death in my eyes… so angered I lashed out and killed the priest in front of all the Dragonborn and proclaimed that they were just pathetic humans and that freedom was there. What they did next sickened me, many fell to their knees asking forgiveness from some faceless entity, others stared dumbly unsure of what to do. What made this proud race like this? As the guards came I beat a hasty retreat seeing the situation as hopeless, I cursed the heavens and ran to the outskirts of town to lose my pursuers. It was later that I learned of the Republic of Cydia and how the so called ‘Mercy of Kyros’ was not recognized there. I immediately set out for the Republic as it seemed the most agreeable place in this mad world… time would prove me wrong once again.

Akane Izumi

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