God of Love and Legacies

Azshea is the goddess of love and legacies.The eldest of the young gods, Her dogma is primarily concerned with love, parenthood and renown. A fairly young god, mostly elves and half-elves worship Azshea. Drawn to her free spirit. Many humans flock to her tenets for she puts family above all.


When Azshea appears to the mortals of Darastra she wears only a diaphanous gown. She is known for her lustrous red hair that drapes down to her bosoms. She has eyes of shining sapphires and ruby red plump lips. Her symbol is that of a beautiful elven woman. Azshea is known to enjoy long-term relationships, and many casual flirtations.


Azshea’s dogma maintains that being renowned and having a family or lack thereof is more than simply a function of choice. To the Azshean, there is nothing more tragic than to depart the world without leaving your mark .Followers of Azshea do all they can to protect their legacy. Azsheans are also often promiscous and adventurous, being commanded to spread their love all across Darastra.


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