Baalnir is often depicted as a hideous, gray skinned, humanoid with an iron helm wearing armor clad with skulls and fur. He wields a battle axe or an axe and a shield.


Baalnir’s domain is the Eternal Run. One of the nine hells of Typhus


The church of Baalnir teaches that the world is a harsh, unforgiving place. The strong rule the weak, and power is the only reward worth having. Cruelty and mercilessness are necessary tools. Order must be forged from Chaos and law from anarchy, but order is meaningless without the will to enforce it. dissenters are to be oppressed or killed. weaklings must obey their betters.


Congregations of the “Great Pack” can be found in northern cydia and within the beastman tribes. Non-evil worshipers of Baalnir embrace the security and order that the Scourge of Battle brings. They believe that only the harshness of Baalnir’s order can create perfect justice for all, and that these ends justify the means they use to attain them. However, they prefer educating nonbelievers first, and using force only when other means fail. They believe slavery is a necessary evil, the rock upon which civilization is built. They believe in properly caring for their slaves, but insist that slaves obey the will of their master without hesitation or question.


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