Cydian Empire

Even though besieged by war on all fronts Cydia grew to be Darastra’s mightiest Power. Ruled by Empress Deidre, the might of its military turned Cydia into an empire subjugating its former kingdom. Kings were chosen by birth, but when the empress took over things began to change. To ensure her rule was absolute, she created a law system that benefited her, introducing the True Law system in Cydia. The True law is enforced by The Empire’s knightly order Knights of Red. Each Generals in their own right.

The Other Powers did not agree with Cydia’s imperialistic advances, and so hostilities developed between the Kingdoms and Empires.

Notable People

Deidre Zos Caestus – Empress of Cydia

Knights of red

Vernicus Van Nalaz – Knight of Scarlet
Helia Van Highwind – Knight of Garnet
Xander Van Valkurm – Knight of Crimson
Lon’qu Van Hu – Knight of Vermillion
Aryn Van Sylvane – Knight of Rose
Bryn Van Ironhand – Knight of Ruby
Selith Van Baenre – Knight of Blood

Cydian Empire

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