Dragonborn Prides

A dragonborn Alpha and his pride

A Dragonborn Pride is a group of dragonborn that roam darastra who rejected the mercy of Kyros. Within a pride, a distinct hierarchy exists, at the top of which is the pride’s Alpha, who is to be the pride’s greatest warrior and political leader. The alpha acts as the supreme commander of his respective pride, being tasked with defending it in times of conflict and acquiring new territories to increase the pride’s influence.

Great Prides

Wyvern Pride
Alpha: Valyn
The Wyvern have a very idealistic view on what it means to be dragonborn. Believing to be the mortal incarnations of dragons, The wyvern revere dragonkind akin to gods and perfect beings to strive for. The dragonborn of the wyvern pride can possess a unique mutation where they sprout dragon like wings during puberty. It is tradition that only dragonborn with this mutation may challenge for the honor of alpha. The wyvern love to fly. The pride has a great affinity with winged steeds, their shamans possessing the remaining knowledge on how to breed gryphons and rocs. Knowledge that the Skyqueen of Highwind highly covets.

Orca pride
Alpha: Nilung
The Orca are great seafarers who raid the central and southern and eastern coasts of Darastra. The sea nomads are former slaves of the Hu empire that were liberated by their first alpha. Known for their carpentry, the orca are skillful shipwrights. Able to craft sleek schooners fast enough to evade Hu’s Imperial Navy and strong enough to weather the greatest of storms. It is rumored that its current alpha, Nilung, designed and crafted Ceadeus; The Pirate Lord Gideon‘s man of war. Once a year, the pride hunt the eastern coast for the great sea monster Lakgadon. Future alphas face off with the sea monster in hopes of procuring one of its spikes. A magical material used for forging an Alpha’s Trident.

Kodiak pride,
Alpha: Corax
The Kodiaks are a splinter pride of the once great Ursus pride, now under the banner of Empress Deidre, ruler of Cydia. Conquered by A king of cydia in the age of mending, the pride is now indentured to Cydia as part of its military force.. WIth Empress Deidre’s ascension, the Kodiak pride are now part of the her Honor Guard, tasked with protecting Cydia itself.

Canis pride,
Alpha: Wulfir
The Canis pride are hunters that roam

Burning Fang Pride
Alpha: Salamander
The burning fang are nomadic dinosaur riding barbarians and wily merchants. The pride inhabits the broad desert expanse called the bowl of embers.

Dragonborn Prides

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