Holy See

The Holy Order

Platina, The Justicar

The Holy order are the most powerful knights in Darastra who are heroes that protect the weak. They are a group of terrifying individuals, with each able to match 10 men in strength and power and having magic(holy or arcane) imbued within their weapons.


Sena, the first justicar | Platina the 3rd Justicar | Deidre the 2nd Justicar

Created by Empress Deidre and Sena in their youth. They lead a crusade all over darastra with the holy order. Banishing helvaults and the demons that reside within during the age of heroes. The holy see was beloved by all in this age and were known to be incorruptible. Even dragonborn from all over darastra left their prides and flocked to join the holy see eager to join the crusade.

The crusade ended with news of the fall of Ru’lude (Deidre’s hometown) at the hands of the ancient Wyrm. She rallied her knights to cydia to address the dragon threat once and for all. Deidre was given the rank of imperator (high general) by the cydian Kings and used the full might of cydia and her knights to eliminate the dragon menace.

With the threat eliminated, the holy see roamed all over darastra protecting it’s denizens from evil, maintaining peace throughout the age of heroes

The sundering

The holy order would suffer a catastrophe to this day that it still has not recovered from. The wyvern king has ended his self imposed confinement in the ancient kingdom of aragrad and threatens darastra once more. Deidre, Sena and their holy order were the first to meet the wyvern king’s challenge at the edge of Valenor. The order stood tall to meet the wyvern king and his armies but they were no match for what’s to come. The Wyvern King, with the help of Jotum-Var, used his dragonmark to manifest the ancient bond that he had with the dragonborn and commanded them to turn on the holy order. Knights were slaughtered by dragonborn and the wyvern king’s lycan and drow allies. The order would have perished that day if not for Sena’s heroic act. Sena infused her dragonmark of the sentinel with divine energy and bathed the surviving knights in a shielding glow. The Holy knights rallied with their renewed vigor and were able to fight their way out of the fray, into Valenor forest. Sena used her own life force to protect the order, thus saving 1000 lives. Sena’s selfless act has turned her into a saint, and thus the Holy See is born.

Holy Knights protected by Sena’s light

An Oath Broken

Years after the sundering, the Justicar took half of the order to cydia to help defend the kingdom from the beastman menace and the invading Hu empire. Through the order’s strength she managed to win campaign after campaign, solidifying her position within the king’s counsel. With the King’s death in a great battle of withering plains, Deidre acted quickly and seized power naming herself Empress in the guise of necessity for the stability of the kingdom. Platina, sick of seeing what the holy order has become, gathered like minded great knights and challenged Deidre for control of the order. Deidre and Platina dueled from dawn till dusk atop the Blade Mountains. Platina was no match for Deidre’s strength. Victorious, Deidre tosses her holy sword “Spellbinder” down in the bladed mountains severing her ties with the Order forever. Platina would wander Darastra with her broken order until finally settling in the island of Akrys.


The holy order is accepting of any good aligned religion. The order sees the world as a deadly place, filled with perpetual challenges and trials for those who battle for justice and defend the weak and innocent. Its members should always act with honor and chivalry, and to uphold justice. Danger is to be faced head-on, with calm and resolve. Those who defeat evil are rewarded with Glory, while those who uphold the tenets of the Justicar are rewarded with Virtue. The Justicar’s teachings have been codified in a chivalric code known as the Holy Oath.

The Holy Oath

The Holy Oath consists of two sets of duties:

Duty to the People.
This duty stresses courage, justice, mercy, valor, protection of the weak, and faithfulness to the righteous law of the realm (kings, emperors).
Duty to the Justicar
This duty stresses obedience to the Justicar herself, devotion to the order, generosity, and championing good against evil.


Farhome, the gate to Akrys

Though originating in Syldhoine, the order’s many crusades brought them all throughout Darastra. After Platina’s accession as Justicar, her first act was to find a place for the order to re-grow their ranks. Platina looked to the beastman infested lands of Akrys. With the aid of the Highwind Kingdom, Platina was able to acquire the ships and provisions to mount a campaign against the beastmen and clear the island of their evil influence. But at great cost.
Only 50 great knights have survived the ordeal. A number that has not recovered to this day.

The temple city of Eos is built along with the great armory. The armory hosts the magical weapons of past great knights, waiting for a worthy master. The temple city welcomes the worship of all good aligned deities. The city is divided into such districts, and the faithful from all over darasta make a yearly pilgrimage to Eos.

“I remember the day Goldroar picked me. I never thought i would be worthy of another, after all i’ve done” —Aymeric, The Lionheart

Holy See

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