Kingdom of Highwind

Kingdom of Highwind

Highpeak Castle

The ancestral home of the Valkyries, Highwind, is a large island inside a massive fjord in north darastra. Its capital, Highpeak is in the heart of this island atop a rockbed. The country borders Cydia to the east with kyros and Hu in the south.


Highwind occupies a rich territory of fertile farmland in the mainland bordering the Haradra Mountains. The city, Einheria produces most of the trade and is the gate to the eastern kingdoms by sea. Highwind was the only kingdom not to lose territory during the treaty of Valenor. One of the first mortal kingdoms, Highwind is a militant nation that specialize in cavalry. In the past, legions of highwind knights rode atop mighty gryphons. The art of breeding these creatures in captivity are all but now lost through time. Only royalty and high ranking officials are provided such prized mounts.


Highpeak – Captial City of Highwind
Highwater – Port city
Einheria – Breadbasket of Highwind
Hilltop – Trade city
Harad Port – Sovereign City


Arcanix – Home of the Arcane Congress
Obelysk – Highwind Military command
Azhure – Prison Island
Greyhawk – Gryphon Aviary


The Proud people of Highwind is ruled by Sky Queen Helisse and her daughter Princess Herja. Unlike Cydia and Kyros, Highwind do not provide their lords with landed titles. All levies are controlled by the crown, and high ranking military officials are assigned a castle, usually in a territory of great importance.

“We swore with our blades and talons to the service of Highwind, and pledged to fight for her future”
-Princess Herja with her Gryphon Gwyndafon

Kingdom of Highwind

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