Orc Warbands

Orcs are a race of humanoids that have been a threat to the civilized cultures of Darastra, particularly the [Kingdom of Highwind]. The scattered warbands have recently unified as one under the Warchief Brugo. Brugo has his eyes set on Highwind to reclaim their ancestral lands, taken from them during the war of conquest. The warchief has entered an alliance with the beastmen of darastra in order to realize his dream. The orcs primarily worship the strength aspect of Titania.

Physical description

Orcs have grayish skin, coarse hair, stooped postures, low foreheads, large muscular bodies, and porcine faces that feature lower canines that resemble boar tusks. Many also have wolf-like ears that are pointed on the ends, similar to elves. Orcs are roughly the same size as humans.


Orcs can be found in mountainous parts of darastra. Marauding bands of mountain orcs are most commonly found in Cydia and Highwind.

Combat style

The orcs now have mastery of the skies astride their Hippogryph. Warchief Brugo’s Shamans have learned the art of Hippogryph breeding from the mages of magnost. Brugo’s lieutenants are gifted these flying beasts.

Orc Warbands

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