Titania, Goddess of war

Titania is the deity of war and strength. Titania reveled in war and combat in all its forms, providing boons to her victorious followers. Titania is the patron deity of the kingdom of highwind.


Titania is depicted as a fierce woman with long white hair. she wears extremely light armor made from a bronze dragon’s hide, with gauntlets and boots from a red dragon’s hide. she wields the longsword Ascalon in battle. Titania is depicted in the kingdoms as the herald of victory. The beastman tribes also worship the war goddess, where she is depicted as the god of death.


“The strong and fit should lead the weaker. Bravery is the greatest quality in any ruler."
Kingdom’s Dogma

“Destroy the weak, make way for the strong. Scorn cowardice.”
Beastman Dogma


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