Era of Upheaval

Episode II | The Far Edge of Faith
Before the fall

Ransacked Northern Cydian Town

“Here.. this is where his family fell..” Says the knight in blue solemnly. A sight of dead bodies of orcs, hobgoblins and humans litter the small northern village before him.

“The man has never known the savagery of the Beastmen as we have…” replied the knight’s companion. He displays a stoic visage, matching his towering physique.

“No..” The two knights turn back surprised to see the subject of their conversation. “I have not..”

The towering knight produces a low sympathetic growl. “Landor..”

The knight in blue was not as calm seeing the cydian knight “Why are you here!? They could still be around lurki-”

“I had to come here..” Landor interrupts as he takes in the dreadful sight.

“My boy.. You don’t need to see this.” says the towering knight.

Landor walks amongst the dead and rubble to a female figure on the ground. Her White and gold armor streaked with blood as crimson as her hair. He kneels beside her, looking at her jeweled spear.

“You never surrendered.. even here at the very end.. I cannot do this my love.. I can’t be the hero that you were.. I can’t be the protector that you were.” He closes his eyes as he feels the unbearable pain of seeing his love’s lifeless body.

The blue knight kneels in front of Landor “Your wife’s actions were beyond heroic. She was an example. A challenge to us to never let fear prevail.. Even at the very end.”

“what am i supposed to do now?” asks Landor

“What a great knight, must do.” Says the towering knight

Visions of frost

Basking from the adulation they have received from protecting Orlane, the heroes have earned a well deserved rest. Elodin and Sharwyn have begun construction of a wizard tower in the city center. Imogen, has taken to revelry in the Ol’boar inn, gathering information from adventurers and travelers alike. Orin has ensured that the church of the sovereign host is kept well supplied for a long while. He has also commissioned for a magical longsword, from the dwarf smith Tuvic Flathammer. Therielle has made inquiries about the town’s security and have purchased two prisoners from captain felosial. Kalen, the drow and Gronk the Half-orc monk. Therielle thoroughly interrogated the two prisoners and have found them of use. She directed Gronk to assist Aliyah in the church; and for Kalen to act as a Galad-nen guide/personal mage. Sharwyn was not too keen with Therielle’s decision to purchase guilty criminals. Therielle has assumed full accountability for Gronk and Kalen.

As above, So below

Erky Timbers, was freed by the heroes from the goblin stockades. The party urged the cleric to join them, as the way back out of the citadel is perilous. Erky donned goblin armor and armed himself with a rusty shortsword and accompanied the adventurers.

The party discovered a fully stocked pantry with delicacies the goblins are not known for. The group ate and stored some food to replenish their rations.

Soon after, they discover a heavy stone statue that presented them a riddle. Imogen the linguist recognized the statue’s elven accent when it uttered the riddle. Orin solves the riddle, giving way to a hidden room. The Stone doorway parts and cold air fills the air.

Caeltryx, the white wyrmling

As the heroes entered it’s lair, Caeltryx the white wyrmling ambushes the heroes with a devastating freezing breath. The brave Therielle shielded Meepo from the deadly attack, saving the kobold’s life. Caeltryx’s pseudodragon familiar then summoned evard’s black tentacles to assault the heroes. Imogen attempted to coax the little dragon to abandon the wyrmling, but the pseudodragon’s fear of caeltryx was too great. The little dragon’s fear was not misplaced. The wyrmling unleashed a cone of cold, freezing Elodin and Therielle, slicking the floor with ice. Erky nimbly dodges the icy attack. The cleric called upon his divine powers and began to thaw the heroes. A warm silver flame melted the frozen wizard and fighter, it’s magic renewing their vigor. Elodin was undeterred. He informed the heroes that Caeltryx’s power is spent and now was the time to attack. Orin rushes the white dragon, annoyed with it’s surprising strength. Meepo winds his sling and attacks the dragon with a rock to the head. The kobold reminds the paladin to subdue the little dragon. Orin expertly bashes caeltryx with his shield, disorienting the dragon. Imogen rushes behind caeltryx, narrowly avoiding an attack from the black tentacles. She draws her rapier and whips the dragon behind the head, cracking its scales. Caeltryx falls to the ground subdued.

The heroes catch their breath, in the dragon’s lair while erky knits their wounds with his divine healing. Orin and Elodin discover letters written by Agrias Oaks and Aymeric. Therielle and Orin reveal that these two are their respective mentors. The author of the 3rd letter “Lenneth” remains a mystery.

Imogen discovers a goblin raiding party preparing for an attack. The group quickly dispatches the goblins, along with Elodin setting the room ablaze.

As they go deeper into the citadel, they discover a goblin living area. Imogen stealthily peers through entrance and discovers scores of goblins in revelry and a menacing looking orc sitting on a crude throne.

Grendl, Orc Warchief

Therielle’s attempts to sneak past the horde, but was quickly discovered. She bargains with the Orc warchief “Grendl” providing him with a platinum piece. The warchief had another payment in mind. The party knowing that they are outmatched, had no choice but to acquiece. Elodin chose not to reveal himself, leaving the group to their fate.
The goblin horde chants “Magah!” And the party are lead deeper underground to a makeshift arena in a natural crater. The crater stank of sulfur and the eerie green pool bubbled menacingly.

“Toss the bait!” Grendl yelled. A loud thump hits the ground and the goblins’ deafening cheers fill the cave. A female drow, naked as the day she was born lie flat on the cavern floor. A crude stick hits her square in the eye, as the goblins jeer and taunt the heroes. Imogen struggles to free the woman, but Is stunned by what she saw. A lumbering giant with a toad face and round stomach saunters out of the cave. Green ichor drops from its sinister mouth, It’s blue skin covered with pustular warts. The Blue slaad rushes the drow female with surprising speed. The heroes narrowly avoid it’s sharp claws. The dark elf was not so lucky. The slaad’s claws sever the drow’s leg from the knee down. The slaad devours the severed leg barely savouring the meal. Imogen drags the drow female away to safety.

Blue Slaad

Orin attacks! His longsword finding its Mark on the monster’s stomach. Orin’s powerful smite pushes the slaad back, falling on it’s side. Therielle rushes the blue toad while it’s down, delivering a quick combo with her twin shortswords. The mercenary dodges the acidic blood as it hisses in the air.

The slaad stands and coats it’s claws with the acidic blood. The blue creature towers over therielle and delivers an attack from it’s sharp claws. Therielle winces as the claw hits her on a sword arm. She feels the hot poison travel through her veins. Imogen attempts to distract the creature with her shortbow, but it is damaged from the creature’s acidic ichor.

The drow begins to chant and prepare a fireball, it’s flames ready to engulf the slaad along with the heroes. Elodin arrives at the scene and discovers the party’s dire circumstance. He hastily counterspells the fireball, causing a feedback of red Mana exploding at the drow.

Orin continues to do battle with the slaad. The paladin’s shield defending against the slaad’s heavy blows.

Therielle presents the dark elf with a drow signet ring to show her that they are not the enemy. The dark elf nods in agreement and begins to conjure another spell. Thin glowing purple webs softly drape the heroes, its silk, warm to the touch. The party’s wounds begin to heal. An engorged spider bites therielle, sucking out the slaad’s poison and scurries away on the cavern floor.

With the heroes invigorated, they renew their assault. Elodin unleashes a line of fire from his fingertips, while Therielle goes low cleaving at the Slaad’s thigh. The Slaad roars in pain as flame and sword strike its hide. Orin rushes the Slaad once more, its thunderous smite pushing the Slaad back, this time into the pool of green ichor. The Slaad struggles to wade due to its injuries. Imogen sneaks low and delivers a piercing attack from her rapier and the Slaad slowly sinks. The crowd erupts in an echoing “boo!”.

Imogen looks back at her friends victorious. As the crowd’s jeers reach a crescendo, the Blue Slaad erupts from the pool and swipes at Imogen’s back with his menacing claws.
Imogen falls to the ground and the Slaad began to unhinge its jaws ready to devour his kill.
Orin rushes to the aid of the fallen corsair and drives his Sword up the Slaad’s head from its gaping maw. The Slaad roars in pain, and falls back into the pool.

A great sulfuric stench fills the room as the ground itself mixes with the green liquid. A mudlike substance begins to form at the cavern floor while the crater begins to shake. The heroes collect their wounded and rushes towards the Slaad’s cave. Goblins begin to jump down in pursuit but are trapped by the mudlike substance. The cavern entrance caves in, and the heroes are left wandering the cavern tunnels.

The female drow, naming herself “”/wikis/Sabra%20Melarn/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Sabra Melarn" guided the heroes out of the labyrinth of tunnels into the wilds of the underdark.

The party rested while the drow priestess re-grew her severed leg using magic. Therielle presented the signet ring once more, asking the priestess for a way back into the citadel. Sabrae conjured a luminescent spider that will lead them towards the “tree” that they seek. With her debt repaid, her form dissipates into a swarm of spiders that scurry in the mushroom filled ground.

Sabra Melarn, the Arachnomancer

The party traverse the underdark with their spider guide. Not long after, they are ambushed by a drow scouting party. The heroes hastily navigated the perils of the underdark whilst dodging sleeping bolts from the Drow. Elodin was not so lucky, and fell unconscious due to the drow’s sleep poison. They were able to outrun the drow, as they seemed hesitant to cross the border leading to the world above.

Drow scouting party

The heroes enter the caves once more, only to be lead into a marbled room that smelled of incense. WIth a great dragon statue battling a knight in the center. The party noticed that the dragon’s eyes were missing. Elodin placed two of his blood red gold coins on the statue and it was drained of the crimson color. The dragon statue began to move to reveal a spiraling stairwell that lead deeper. The stairwell lead to a gate that stated “Ashardalon’s Knowledge Pit”. Elodin used his magical chime to open the magically sealed doorway only to find a burning library. He used his mastery over fire to subdue the flame. Elodin’s use of magic in the room suddenly burned his right hand. “Ashardalon” in Draconic now burned on his palm. The party was surprised to see that only two books have survived. The book of “Vile Darkness” and the book of “Exalted Deeds”. A disembodied voice warned them that only one of these books may enter the Plane. Imogen, curious, used her power over the mage hand to grab the book of vile darkness. As she read the title, imogen fell unconscious. The party attempted to rouse the rogue, but she did not wake. Her armor began to sizzle and smoke. Flames begin to form at her side, burning away her leather armor revealing a Dragonmark. The group leaves Ashardalon’s study. Therielle and Orin, both read from the book of Exalted deeds.

Imogen’s Dragonmark

The heroes hear an echo of spells and shouting coming from the gated tunnel. They discover Nezod, cleric of the raven queen and Setess, the druid doing battle in front of the sinister “Gulthias Tree.” At the foot of the tree were Erky Timbers, a knight, and Talgen and Sharwyn. Setess unleashes a powerful lightning bolt at Nezod. The cleric blocks the bolt, it’s power forcing the cleric to its knees. “Stop her!” he yelled. “She aims to save this foul tree, it feeds on life! it has no chance for redemption and must be destroyed! Help me.” Desperation is heard from the Cleric’s plea. “No!” the druid retorted. “I.. I can rehabilitate the tree! i know i can. I will not.. FAIL AGAIN!” The druid shouts as she fuels more power in her magic.

Orin, Elodin and Imogen ignore the battle and rush to the tree, freeing the captives. Therielle, rushes the druid and drops her to the ground. The druid’s lightning bolt spell is broken, but with no target the energy rebounds to the druid and fighter. The bolt goes through the druid, it’s power blasting a hole through her chest. Nezod quickly fills the Gulthias tree with radiant energy. Its rotten bark explodes, sending a shockwave throughout the cavern network. An emaciated vampire is revealed underneath the tree, roots portruding from its spine. Without a second thought, Nezod pierces the Vampire with a spear of light ending its suffering.

The heroes return to the surface with the help of Meepo and his kobold tribe. Lusdrayl held her promise and showed them the room where her thronekey unlocks. The remains of Ashardalon’s horde that the kobolds were tasked to protect. Lusdrayl appoints Meepo as a liason to Orlane as a sign of their friendship to the heroes.

Kerowyn Hucrele is made mayor of Orlane after it has been discovered that the previous mayor was selling caravan travel routes to Grendl.

The kobolds report that Grendl and the goblins have disappeared from the citadel.

Month of Typhon, Water’sday 291

Into the sunless citadel

The party were ambushed by goblins on their way to Five Towns to the town of Orlane. The party protected the caravan and killed the attacking goblins, only losing the incompetent drunken guards in the attack. After interrogating the lead goblin, the party learned that the goblins’ master is a wizard named “Ashardalon”. Imogen befriended a mother and child. Refugees from the island of Valkurm.

Orlane lakeside residential

The party explored much of the small town and befriended the owner of the local general store, a half-elf woman named Kerowyn Hucrele. Imogen discovered that Kerowyn’s twin children ventured from the town 3 weeks past to find the sunless citadel and have not returned. Kerowyn has agreed to provide the party with her twins’ research material regarding the sunless citadel and agreed to pay them for the safe return of her children. Orin Discovered that the goblins would make trade with Orlane twice a year. Both times bringing a single red apple that is known to cure any ailments. This event often gathered nobles from all over Five Towns to bid for the magical fruit. Therielle has learned that Empress Deidre has an outstanding bounty for the Holy Order.

While waiting for Kerowyn in the ol’ boar inn, thugs and farmers started a brawl. The party attempted to subdue the combatants but ended up in the skirmish themselves. The fight ended in the deaths of the farmers and thugs. Once the dust has settled, the air grew cold and a great chill seeped into the inn. A silver dragonborn entered the inn and began to slowly collect the dead bodies. A figure, clad in black and gold plate armor enters. Hovering above the ground as if the act of walking itself is beneath him, approaches the bar. He extends a hand encased in a black gauntlet and drops 5 crimson gold coins to the bar and says “As per our usual arrangement, always a pleasure doing business.”. He then leaves, along with his Dragonborn companion. One of the barmaids collects the red coins and flees.

Mysterious Figure

Elodin makes chase of the barmaid and later returns with the crimson gold coins. Kerowyn arrives at the inn and provides the party with the information her twins were working on. They have discovered the location of the sunless citadel, at a ravine deep in the eastern desert.

After half a day’s travel, the party discovers the ravine in the twins’ map. Traversing down the deep crevice, they feel an unnatural energy surrounding the area. Elodin remarks that the surrounding area is encased in magic, a magical darkness that outside light cannot penetrate. Wading into the darkness, the party discovers the entrance to the sunless citadel.

The Sunless Citadel

Uncovering traps, dead kobolds and old skeletons, the party find no sign of the missing twins. They discover a pitiful white kobold crying wrapped in a bedroll. The party discover its name is Meepo, the dragon keeper. The Kobold’s dragon has been taken by the goblins and Meepo has asked the adventurers for help. The party meets with the Kobold’s leader Lusdrayl. Lusdrayl informs the heroes that the twins passed by 3 weeks past. They also promised to return with Caeltryx, the dragon. Lusdrayl promises to reward the heroes if they can return the dragon to the Kobolds. Orin Eyes the key above Lusdrayl’s throne as a reward, along with gold.

Meepo guides the party throughout the kobold controlled area of the citadel and past through the dreaded caltrop halls. After dispatching the goblin guards, they come across a small makeshift prison. Here they meet a gnome Erky Timbers, a follower of the silver flame. Erky informs the party of something called a “Gulthias Tree” that the goblins protect deeper into their territory.


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