Era of Upheaval

Into the sunless citadel

The party were ambushed by goblins on their way to Five Towns to the town of Orlane. The party protected the caravan and killed the attacking goblins, only losing the incompetent drunken guards in the attack. After interrogating the lead goblin, the party learned that the goblins’ master is a wizard named “Ashardalon”. Imogen befriended a mother and child. Refugees from the island of Valkurm.

Orlane lakeside residential

The party explored much of the small town and befriended the owner of the local general store, a half-elf woman named Kerowyn Hucrele. Imogen discovered that Kerowyn’s twin children ventured from the town 3 weeks past to find the sunless citadel and have not returned. Kerowyn has agreed to provide the party with her twins’ research material regarding the sunless citadel and agreed to pay them for the safe return of her children. Orin Discovered that the goblins would make trade with Orlane twice a year. Both times bringing a single red apple that is known to cure any ailments. This event often gathered nobles from all over Five Towns to bid for the magical fruit. Therielle has learned that Empress Deidre has an outstanding bounty for the Holy Order.

While waiting for Kerowyn in the ol’ boar inn, thugs and farmers started a brawl. The party attempted to subdue the combatants but ended up in the skirmish themselves. The fight ended in the deaths of the farmers and thugs. Once the dust has settled, the air grew cold and a great chill seeped into the inn. A silver dragonborn entered the inn and began to slowly collect the dead bodies. A figure, clad in black and gold plate armor enters. Hovering above the ground as if the act of walking itself is beneath him, approaches the bar. He extends a hand encased in a black gauntlet and drops 5 crimson gold coins to the bar and says “As per our usual arrangement, always a pleasure doing business.”. He then leaves, along with his Dragonborn companion. One of the barmaids collects the red coins and flees.

Mysterious Figure

Elodin makes chase of the barmaid and later returns with the crimson gold coins. Kerowyn arrives at the inn and provides the party with the information her twins were working on. They have discovered the location of the sunless citadel, at a ravine deep in the eastern desert.

After half a day’s travel, the party discovers the ravine in the twins’ map. Traversing down the deep crevice, they feel an unnatural energy surrounding the area. Elodin remarks that the surrounding area is encased in magic, a magical darkness that outside light cannot penetrate. Wading into the darkness, the party discovers the entrance to the sunless citadel.

The Sunless Citadel

Uncovering traps, dead kobolds and old skeletons, the party find no sign of the missing twins. They discover a pitiful white kobold crying wrapped in a bedroll. The party discover its name is Meepo, the dragon keeper. The Kobold’s dragon has been taken by the goblins and Meepo has asked the adventurers for help. The party meets with the Kobold’s leader Lusdrayl. Lusdrayl informs the heroes that the twins passed by 3 weeks past. They also promised to return with Caeltryx, the dragon. Lusdrayl promises to reward the heroes if they can return the dragon to the Kobolds. Orin Eyes the key above Lusdrayl’s throne as a reward, along with gold.

Meepo guides the party throughout the kobold controlled area of the citadel and past through the dreaded caltrop halls. After dispatching the goblin guards, they come across a small makeshift prison. Here they meet a gnome Erky Timbers, a follower of the silver flame. Erky informs the party of something called a “Gulthias Tree” that the goblins protect deeper into their territory.



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