Elves of Valenor

Archmage Pyria, Queen of the High Elves and her wyrmling Nithyx

Crown Prince Rholont with his tripling wyrmlings Imriss, Niran and Pyren


The elves were among the first mortal races to inhabit Darastra. The fair race, was Endarion’s favored children. Due to Endarion’s protection, the elves were blessed with magic and had the power to shape the land. They also had a close relationship with the Dragons of old, the first to band together against Typhus’ fiends.


Endarion, City of the High Elves

Endarion sits atop the high mountain of valenor at the center of Elven territory. Built at the start of the Draconic Age, This stronghold has stood for over 1500 years. Due to the event named the splintering, only Pureblood high elves may reside in Endarion. High Elves spend their lives honing their magical prowess, always ready for enemies that might threaten their kin. Though physically similar, High elves live a much longer life span than their wood elf kin. Some say that it is due to their constant exposure to magic. Valenor is ruled by The Archmage, Queen Pyria (with her myriad of consorts) and over 20 children. Her favored son, Crown Prince Rholont acts as her hand in running the kingdom. Wood elves keep Endarion supplied with all the resources it needs from the lush forest of Valenor.

Oakholm, Wood elf Sanctuary

Wood elf tribes constantly roam Valenor forest acting as its steward. The tribes rarely stay in one place, as their nomadic ways ensure that the forest remains healthy and protected. Though xenophobic in nature, Wood elves can be seen outside of Valenor. Even their city of Oakholm is hidden. Traders often venture to Syldhoine, even as far as Highwind for trade and even participate in the occasional fair to win some gold.

House Fendris

House Fendris is the ruling house of Valenor, their lineage going back as far as the first elves.

The Thorn

The thorn are a secret group of elves that seek out non-elven arcanists.

Elves of Valenor

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