History of Darastra

History of Darastra

Primal Age

In the mythic past, the world was one. the progenitors, the first and greatest of the primal powers, ruled all. The three most powerful (Soldarion, Endorè, and Typhus) created the Soul Tide, the lifeblood of Darastra. Typhus and Soldarion disagreed over the use of the Soul Tide and battled with one another. Typhus was victorious over Soldarion, and sought to take the soul tide’s power for his own, only to be attacked by Endorè. Endorè unleashed his powerful magicks at Typhus, trapping the evil Primal.

In the end, Soldarion’s shattered body gave birth to the celestial pantheon and the 2nd moon named Soldarion’s eye where they reside. Typhus, still trapped in Endorè’s magic, could not be held long. Endorè diffused Typhus’ essence and scattered it in the bowels of Darastra, in turn becoming the Darkness Below and the source for all great evils. Endorè, weakened in subduing Typhus, healed the World becoming one with it as his final act. Endorè harnessed the soul tide and created all manner of living things. Soldarion’s pantheon watched over the new generation of mortals, and Typhus spat out the demons.

A great wyrm descends upon a helvault
Draconic Age

Typhus’ fiendish offspring overrun the surface world, creating a hellish environment where demons reign supreme. Soldarion’s children, (Zilart, the god of light, Iythari, goddess of the wood, Titania Goddess of war, Teylos the god of storms and N’asr the god of lies.) along with their archons fought a fruitless battle against typhus’ unending hordes. The Dragons, the first of Endorè’s children, rose from their primitive state to oppose their demonic overlords. Unable to defeat the demonic hordes alone, the dragons ally with their mortal brethren of elves, dwarves and humans. Recognizing their cause would otherwise be lost, the dragons and archons sacrifice most of their number to bind the most powerful of the demon lords back to the bowels of darastra. The archons sacrifice their essence to bestow the mortal races with magical gifts. The remaining dragons go into a long slumber to recover their strength but not before creating guardians in their stead. a new race is born, the dragonborn to act as the steward of the realm against the forces of Typhus. Victorious, the elves take their gift of immortality and retreat to Valenar. The dwarves delve into gorthon to horde their gift of creation. The humans spread all over darastra, erecting kingdoms and taming the land with their dragonmarks. The dragonborn split into multiple prides to cleanse the realm of fiends and close foul helvaults.

The wyvern king and his black dragon, Primus
The long Eclipse

1000 years after the draconic age, the mortal races ruled darastra. The humans flourished dividing themselves into four kingdoms. The Sky queen, ruled the kingdom of highwind in the north. The Tiger Lord Ruled the hu empire in a distant land in the east. The flame warden of kyros in the south and the king of Aragrad in the west. The western king manifested a powerful dragonmark upon birth that gave him the power to banish demons and close helvaults. The dragonborn prides saw this as a sign. They collected themselves under the western king’s banner and dubbed him the wyvern king. Bestowing draconic knowledge upon him and even successfully hatching a black dragon. During his tutelage, the wyvern king discovered the legendary soul tide. Thought to be lost since the primal age, the wyvern king aims to find it and use its power to close the helvaults once and for all. The wyvern king began a crusade, closing helvaults all over Darastra while seeking knowledge of the soul tide with his dragonborn legion.

The wyvern king confronts the helvault prince

The wyvern king encountered a powerful demon in a helvault, killing a legion of his dragonborn and gravely wounding him. The demon’s final blow attacked his mind, bestowing spiteful visions of the future. His visions foretold of a long eclipse, shrouding Soldarion’s eye, blinding the celestials to the machinations of mortals. He saw the elves rise in power, enslaving the world using the soul tide for their sorcery. These visions allowed the wyvern king to see the true nature of the soul tide. The wyvern king returned to aragrad to heal his wounds and waited for the eclipse where the soul tide is most malleable. With his dragonborn, the wyvern king created a way to harness and manipulate the soul tide within mortals, tapping into their latent magicks. The wyvern king used this power to turn his populace into lycanthropes to prepare for the next crusade. The King, realizing his fragile mortality, used soul tide to bind himself to his dragon, Primus, granting him eternal draconic life. With his new found power, the wyvern king demanded tribute from the elves to surrender their knowledge and stop their vile sorcery. Only to be condemned and spurned. The wyvern king unleashed his dragonborn and lycan horde into the realm heralding the age of strife.

Highwind defends itself from The wyvern king’s forces
The age of Strife

The elves were the first to feel the wyvern king’s wrath. Dragonborn and Lycan alike razed valenor’s forests, cornering the elves into the moutains of high valenor. The sky queen and the Flame warden were the first to come to aid of the elves to defend high valenor. The wyvern king’s forces seemed infinite. The humans and elves proved no match for the dragonborn of the crusades and the magicked lycans.

Primus and the dragonborn descend upon Kyrosi and Highwind soldiers in high Valenor

Salvation arrived with the tiger lord of the east with his powerful sorcerers. The alliance of humans and elves rebuked the wyvern king and his forces back to Aragrad. Fearing that the wyvern king will rise again, the humans and the elves mustered their remaining forces and marched for Aragrad.

The wyvern king did not take defeat easily leaving his mind vulnerable. His visions became stronger, warning him of an invasion by the elves and their demon worshiping kin. He enacted a ritual that harvested his army’s soul tide taking it within himself. The immense gathering of power was too tantalizing for the fiends of typhus below to ignore. Helvaults began erecting in aragrad, ravaging the kingdom and spewing fiends and demons. The mortal alliance and the forces of typhus lock in battle once more. The sky queen and flame warden met the wyvern king in battle, wanting retribution for the wanton destruction he has wrought. The wyvern king watched as the alliance valiantly fought against typhus’ swarm and realized the gravity of his actions. The wyvern king focused the soul tide into his dragonmark and unleashed it into the swarm. The purifying silver light rebuking the demons and closing the helvaults. Using the last of his strength, the wyvern king scattered his essence among the mortals of the alliance, manifesting his dragonmark. With The wyvern king’s death, ends the long eclipse and the age of strife.

The wyvern king unleashing his soul tide infused dragonmark of banishing

The age of Mending

The alliance return to their respectful kingdoms to begin rebuilding and healing of the land.

20 years after the battle of aragrad -
stray lycanthropes and dragonborn proved to be a problem for the people of the continent of Kyros and Highwind. The Church of the Silver Flame, recently created by the new flame warden, announced the Lycanthropic and dragonborn Inquisiton: a church sanctioned scouring of the continent to destroy all lycanthropes and the dragonborn. The remaining dragonborn prides turned themselves over to the church, receiving pardon in the condition that they repay their debt to darastra by helping rebuild and heal the land, thus creating the “mercy of kyros” effectively turning the dragonborn into a slave race. This 50 year crusade slaughtered most of the lycanthropes on the continent. Due to the atrocities committed by the templars of the Silver Flame during the inquisition, it remains a dark page in the church’s history.

80 years after the battle of aragrad-
Dragons return on darastra, creating nests and secluding themselves from mortals. Diplomats sent to parley with the dragons never returned.Thousands of humans’ connection to the arcane are severed. These humans became the “rune cursed.” Their dragonmarks marring and turning into a grotesque scar. Magebred creatures such as griffins and krasis could no longer be bred in captivity. The dragonborn see this as a sign of the end of their penance. A handful 300 dragonborn rebel and leave the kingdoms branded as oathbreakers. These dragonborn split in to prides as nomads forever roaming darastra.

160 years after the battle of aragrad-
The elves give up most of their land and seclude themselves within Valenor. The elves split themselves into wood elves to protect the valenor forest and High elves in the Valenor Mountains. The Three kingdoms fight over acquisition of elven territory and the war of conquest begins.

180 years after the battle of aragrad
Beastmen grow more aggressive and make themselves known. Orcs in the Talon Mountains of eastern highwind, Kobolds in the sand hills of kyros, Yuan-ti in the Bloodmist Forest and the Sahaugin in the minami coast of Hu. The Khazra and Kitsune attempt to live peacefully within the kingdoms.

185 years after the battle of aragrad
The republic of Cydia is formed. The mercy of Kyros is not recognized in Cydian lands.

190 years after the battle of aragrad
- The Khazra are slaughtered into extinction and the Hu Empire wages war on the Kitsune with the aid of the Silver Flame.

200 years after the battle of aragrad
- Prince Hu’liu and Prince Lejon join King Vaes in Cydia.

210 years after the battle of aragrad
- The four kingdoms sign the treaty of valenor, redrawing the borders of darastra and ending the war of conquest.

220 years after the battle of aragrad-
- Strange sites erect themselves all across darastra. The kingdoms took an immediate interest in them and, before long, there were a plethora of adventurers who came to investigate the phenomenon. Their curiosity soon led them to explore the sites. However, none from the two thousand who entered left with their lives, which caused people to refer to the sties as “helvaults”. As people began to give hope on learning the secrets of the helvaults, one exploration; Headed by Lejon, then first prince of highwind, was successful in their endeavor. Godric, a boy recruited by Lejon to help conquer the helvault, was bestowed with treasure and great power in form of weapons within it.

230 years after the battle of aragrad-
- Lord Aiwil’s band of adventurers conquer an ancient Helvault underneath the city of Ru’lude. An old wyrm is awoken by the destruction of the helvault. Attracted by the blood and magic of the beastman war, the old wyrm flies to cydia and lays waste to the city. The kingdom of Cydia engages the old wyrm and thus begins its long war.

a wyrm perched on Ru’lude Castle

- Whispers of a “madh boukuk” (big boss in orc tongue) are heard in the undercity of Ru’lude

- Lord Aiwil becomes the Lord of Garley Keep. The new lord leaves his lands with a handful of retainers and appoints a strange orc as his steward.

The city of Syldhoine

The siege of Syldhoine
Father Matal, archmage of the great city of magic Magnost attacks the trade city of Syldhoine, using their powerful new arcane constructs known as the Jotum-Var. Lord Aiwil and his retainers use ancient magic to abruptly halt the siege by draining the magic from Matal’s forces. In one fell swoop, the magic from Matal’s forces are transferred into the weapons of Syldhoine’s defenders. In this one act, Magnost’s status as a magic superpower died. The defenders of Syldhoine rally under Lord Aiwil’s banners and create the Holy Order under the guidance of Sena and Deidre. This event heralds the Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes

A holy order knight during the crusade

Lord Aiwil and his retainers return to Garley Keep to develop his lands. Akane, Jotum-var and Ella go their separate ways. Kane the Daring, champion of Cydia, rises in popularity. Bards of Cydia boasts his deeds that rival Lord Aiwil’s. Drywood experiences a boom in prosperity and becomes one of the jewels of Cydia. Cydian adventurers flock to drywood for its multiple attractions and becomes the hub into the western lands of Cydia.

The beastmen grow even bolder. The great wyrm in Cydia subjugates the yuan-ti to bolster its forces. The Sahaugin’s raids on the southern and eastern shores intensify, their numbers overwhelming coastal villages. Orcs terrorize highwind villages with aerial raids on their hippogryphs. Kobolds leave the deserts to swarm Kyrosi lands.

Agarad brought back to life

Agarad is brought back from slumber after hundreds of years. The great roar of a dragon is heard throughout the continent, heralding the return of the Wyvern king. Hordes of beastmen, dragonborn, and Lycanthropes make their way west to the forgotten city, to answer the Wyvern’s call.

War of the Tower and the sundering

Jotum-Var’s fury

The elves were the first to respond to the wyvern king threat. With the help of mysterious adventurers, the Queen Pyria was able to pierce through Agarad’s magical veil and uncover the wyvern king’s plans. Jotum-var, the wyvern king’s arch mage, devised a plan on unlocking the inert helvaults all over darastra. Releasing demons and plunging the world in a second age of Strife.

The elves sent word for aid all over darastra to join them against the wyvern king. Unlikely allies responded to their call. Akane’s beastman band took up arms as well Lord Aiwil’s famous household and the Helvault conqueror Gideon. Sena brought the full might of her holy order. great knights 4000 strong.

The four kingdoms ignored the elves’ request, pre-occupied with their infighting and mistrust for the other nations.

The uncanny alliance was split into two forces to thwart the wyvern king’s plan.
Valoran sent legions of wood elf braves and high elven wizards to Jotum-var’s arcane tower to disrupt the arch mage’s ritual. Akane and Lord Aiwil’s forces joined the elves in this task, eager to meet their old friend in combat. Gideon and Sena joined forces to assault Agarad directly and challenge the wyvern king.

The Elven warband wasted no time assaulting Jotum-Var’s tower. Akane and Lord Aiwil commanded the ground troops, while the high elves bombarded the tower with devastating spells. Waves and waves of Lycanthrope soldiers were cut down, as the warband approached the Tower. Just as the last were-soldier is cut down, the ground began to shake. Fissures formed on the ground, its veins begin to sap the energy of Lycanthrope, Elven and adventurers alike. Their souls now used as a power source, connected to the soul tide. The energies drained from the troops on the ground powered the arcane tower, bringing forth the revival of a sinister dragon. Bhedred the Blue death is revived, her blue scales shone bright with the power of the soul tide. The sky itself crackled as 4 powers battled above the arcane tower. Jotum-Var and the Dragon Bhedred clashed against Akane and Lord Aiwil. The Armies despaired at the sight of the blue dragon, however Jotum-Var underestimated Lord Aiwil’s mastery of the Soul tide. Lord Aiwil gathered the tower’s energies and channeled them into Akane. Akane’s Draconic heritage awoken, and thus Lightning battled Dragon fire. The 4 combatants were locked in a battle for the fate of Darastra.

Bhedred and Akane do battle above Agarad

The adventurers led by Ember the Grand joined the fray from the east bringing with them an ancient weapon. The Dragonshard Schema, reforged by the Dwarves. Arjun the Aegis used the schema to act as a stop gap for the soul tide, like a magnet drawing in metal. The tower’s spell halted, as the Schema began it’s work. With the soul tide connection severed, Jotum-var’s tower began to collapse and Bhedred’s power waned. Her scales and muscles shed. Its life drained from the borrowed power. Bhedred roared in agony, until only bones remained. Bhedred the dracolich is born.

Bhedred’s new form

With Bhedred weakened and the tower collapsing, Jotum-var left the fray to join his master’s side. On Agarad the Wyvern king watched the battle on high with his Dragon Primus. The Holy see had the upper hand, their magical weapons cutting a swath across Agarad forces. This advantage did not last long.. The Wyvern King, with the help of Jotum-Var, engaged his dragonmark to draw upon the ancient bond that he had with the dragonborn. All the dragonborn in the field turned their gaze at the wyvern king. The wyvern king Drew his jet black sword shouted “Dragonkin, honor your ancient bond. Protect my lands from these invaders.” The dragonborn, now infused with the wyvern king’s dragonmark, turned on the holy knights. The Knights were slaughtered by dragonborn and the wyvern king’s lycan and drow allies. Sena seeing her knights butchered called upon her own dragonmark. Sena infused her aberrant dragonmark with divine energy and bathed the surviving knights in a shielding glow. The Holy knights rallied with their renewed vigor and were able to fight their way out of the fray, into Valenor forest. The aberrant dragonmark’s divine energies envelop Sena. It’s cleansing bright light blinding the Wyvern king’s fell forces, and freeing the dragonborn from the king’s evil clutches. With the wyvern king and his forces in disarray, his armies retreat back into Agarad, into the protection of the dark city. A phyrric victory has been won by the elves and the order. Many elves lost their lives to Jotum-var’s sinister spell, and the order was decimated by the wyvern king. With the Wyvern King driven back, the elves return to Valenor, remaining vigilant awaiting the Wyvern King’s return.

Age of Usurpers

After the wyvern’s king defeat, Deidre became the new Justicar of the holy order. The Holy order continued their crusade, travelling all over Darastra closing Helvaults and keeping the demons at bay. The Great Kingdoms continued their wars against the beastmen, gaining the ire of their subjects. One by one, the rulers of these great kingdoms fell. Lines of succession in disarray, some fearing lost forever.

The kingdom of Dalifor falls. It’s king, Solidor Ir’Dalifor calls for Exterminatus on the southern province of his kingdom as a helvault is unleashed overwhemling his army. The holy order and The silver flame answers its call and unleashes their holy might on the province. While the Holy army purges the country side, the royal capital is besieged by a plague. Its own populace riots against their king, and the commandment knights are ordered to quell the uprising. The king is killed in the commotion, thus ushers the fall of Dalifor.

The Pirate Queen of the South lays siege on the kingdom of Valkurm, overwhelming it’s navy with assistance from Beastmen. She rules the kingdom with an iron fist and has no love of the Mainland.

Deidre returns to Cydia to bring her homeland to order. Gaining multiple victories against the beastmen and the Great Wyrm. It was not long until Deidre seized power in Cydia, using her popularity as the victor of many campaigns. The triumvirate kings of Cydia: Vaes, Hu’liu, and Lejon perishes in the final fight against the Great Wyrm, leaving the kingdom to look at Deidre for leadership. The champion of Cydia declares herself as emperor and dissolves the nobility, taking the heirs of the triumvirate kings as her wards. Brave adventurers spirit 2 of the 3 heirs away from Cydia. To this day escaping the Red Empress’ Grasp.

The Galad Kingdom’s line is broken. It’s ruler King Landon Ir’Galad dies protecting his kingdom from the Orc King of the Blade Mountains. His wife and son are murdered by his brother, Prince Wolrin. The dragonmark of Kings does not pass on to Prince Wolrin, therefore leaving the throne of Galad vacant with the line broken. Lord Castien Aemyar, brother of the queen becomes steward regent and now rules over Galad’nen. The Five towns, slowly drift apart without a Galad King, thus forming their own Sovereign cities.

History of Darastra

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