Lakeside at night

Lakeside is a city part of the Five Towns Alliance. Historically, it is the ancestral seat of the next in line for the Galad-nen throne. The city is built during the long age of mending by the elves of valenor as a gift to the crown prince. The city has switched hands once, when the Hu empire occupied southern Darastra. King Landon’s father launched a campaign to unify the five towns under one banner and drove the Hu empire out.

Elven and Hu influence are plainly seen in the city’s design and the two cultures seem to blend as one. During King Landon’s reign, Castien Aemyar stayed at the Prince’s keep named Aryondil. WIth King landon’s line ended, Aryondil’s halls remain empty the small forest around it dark and untended. Now the mysterious Lady Aelina tends to the prosperous city with her owlguard keeping the peace.

Owlguard Soldier

Notable Powers

The Owlguard – Lakeside police force
Requiem – Thieves/Bard guild
Platinum Cadre – Military power

Notable People

Talyn – The Owlguard captain
Viessa – Lost Song Patron
Lady Aelina – De-facto head of state
Countess Milia Voldaren – Mistress of Trade
Lord Ludlyx Hawkwood – Master of Laws and The Lord Commander of the Platinum Cadre

Notable Locations

A small keep just outside the southern Lakeside border. This is where the crown prince of Galad-nen resided.

Thorn Lane

Arcanix Tower (formerly Athelsin’s treasures)
The eccentric wizard merchant has moved to Lakeside after the coup of Tundrun along with his trusty bodyguard Buggy the bugbear. He resides in the re purposed Vargoth tower that he has purchased from the city.

Athelsin’s treasure has been repurposed into an Arcanix Tower. Athelsin has been ousted by the Wizard Elodin with the help of the king.

King’s Yard

Red Arbor
Tavern, Brothel and Blood hall. This establishment is run by Leila Merric. Adventurers who are down on their luck are often seen in the Red Arbor. Leila also provides a line of credit to adventurers at a steep interest.

The Lost Song
A tavern and brothel run by Viessa, the tiefling. The tavern is known for its wide selection of delicacies from all over Darastra. Be it food, song, information or flesh The lost song does its best to provide.


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