Silver Flame

Cleric of the Silver Flame

The Silver Flame has existed since the great eclipse. When Darastra was overrun by darkness and the demon spawn of Typhus. The Flame arose to bring light to the world and to bind the fiends in the depths of Darastra. But the Flame was too pure for flawed humanity, and the people of Darastra could not hear its call — until the first flame warden set upon her righteous path. This noble warrior had devoted her life to the cause of honor and sacrifice, and in her the Flame found a worthy vessel. Guided by the spirit of the flame, the flamewarden gave her life to end the reign of a demon lord that had escaped its bond. Though she fell in battle, the first flame warden’s soul joined with the Silver Flame, and in so doing, she became a conduit — a voice that humanity could hear. Across Darastra, the pure of heart heard her call; and ever since then, the Church of the Silver Flame has stood against evil, whatever form it might take.


The church is divided into two parts; militant and ministry. The ministry oversees administrative functions of the church. The ministry also gives spiritual guidance to the church’s members. Every kingdom has a network of priests and bishops who answer to the Council of Flamekeep and then to the Flamewarden. The church militant is comprised of warriors, lclerics and paladins. Unlike the ministry, it battles evil rather than evangelize to the people. The soldiers live and train in monastic fortresses, and patrol across the territory of Kyros.

lycantrophic inquisition

The inquisition is sparked by the lycanthropes whom rejected the mercy of kyros. The silver flame embarked on a quest to detain or destroy anyone afflicted with lycantrophy. This crusade slaughtered most of the lycanthropes on the continent, and a majority of the dragonborn prides.

Silver Flame

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